Publish your site

Follow these steps to publish and launch your CustomerHub site.

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Before we publish and launch your site, please note that your USER login is:

For example, if my CustomerHub app name was "acmeco". Your user login URL would be: This URL can always be accessed on the top right corner of the Admin app.

To publish your USER site follow these simple steps below:

  1. Configure your brand assets in the branding Center - learn more

  2. Select and configure a theme - learn more

  3. SAVE and PUBLISH your theme

To fully "launch" your site you need at least 1 live product and a user added to CustomerHub.

  1. Create a product and set it and at least 1 page to live mode - learn more

  2. Add that product to a users permissions - learn more

  3. Preview your site using a test user

  4. Done! πŸ‘

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