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Publish your site

Follow these steps to publish and launch your CustomerHub site.

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Before we publish and launch your site, please note that your USER login is:


For example, if my CustomerHub app name was "acmeco". Your user login URL would be This URL can always be accessed on the top right corner of the Admin app.

Publish your USER site

Follow these simple steps below:

  1. Configure your brand assets in the branding Center - learn more

  2. Select and configure a theme - learn more

  3. SAVE and PUBLISH your theme

Launch your USER site

To fully "launch" your site you need at least 1 live product with a live page and a user added to CustomerHub.

  1. Create a product and set it and at least 1 page to live mode - learn more

  2. Add that product to a user's permissions - learn more

  3. Preview your site using a test user

  4. Done! πŸ‘

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