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Content Types

Learn about the many ways to organize your content.

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There are four main ways to organize the content on your site: Posts, Products, Pages, and Sections. The term "Product" is used to describe both Standard Products and Collections.


A Post is a type of content that can include multimedia (a video or image), a message, and links. When you publish a post, it is added to the user Feed and visibility can be public or private.

Posts are a great way to target key user segments and drive engagement with your CustomerHub site and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, announcing important information or events, generating interest in paid offerings, delivering paid content (typically via a micro membership), or promoting paid offerings. Learn More


CustomerHub Products are the primary method to create and organize all your content. In your CustomerHub site, a "product" is a group of pages and sections organized in a linear sequence. This sequence of pages can come it two types: Standard Products and Collections

We make it easy for you to quickly get started with a selection of default Product templates for both Standard Products and Collections. These templates act as the blueprint to help you quickly build and organize your content.

Standard Products:

Standard Products are a great way to package together your content into a typical online course, program, or even individual pages. But those terms can mean many different things for business owners. No matter how you define them, CustomerHub can handle them however you want to package and organize your content. Learn More


Collections give you the power to grant access to multiple Standard Products all at once. This can be a useful tool to:

  • Separate some of your Standard Products from the main Library.

  • Give your users a different membership experience.

  • Upsell your users to a better package.

  • Much more!

NOTE: You may have heard of “Memberships” and “Product Bundles” in the past. These two product types functioned almost identically so we decided that it would be clearer to bring them under one umbrella term: Collections. Don’t worry though! They are still available as Collection templates!

Navigation Pages

Pages are a self-contained method to deliver your content. The most common uses for pages are: Welcome page, FAQs, About Us, and Help info or documentation.

To create a standalone page, go to Settings > Navigation. Click the blue plus icon and select New Page in the drop down. You can specify if this page is visible on the navigation and/or opens in a new tab. These pages do not have any permissions set and will be accessible to ALL user and/or visitor if you have public content enabled.


Product library sorting

The order of the list of products your user sees in their library is based on the sort order of products on the admin backend. Go to products and drag each product around to your desired order. This will automatically update for the user.

Product Categories

You can also create, rename, delete, and organize categories that your members can use to filter the main library. You can learn more about those here. Learn More

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