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Activities Overview

Get eagle-eye visibility into how your users are engaging with your site and content.

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With CustomerHub's built in User Activity tracking, you can monitor the important activity Users take in your membership site. This activity includes the following User actions:

  • User login

  • New user created

  • User marked 'Active'

  • User marked 'Inactive'

  • Video watched

  • Audio listened

  • File downloaded

  • Product page completed

  • Product access granted

  • Product access removed

  • Product completed (all pages complete)

Best of all you can take action on this user activity using our connector's Activity Triggers.

Activities Log

Navigate to the dedicated page to see ALL User activity in real time. Use activity filters to narrow your search by Activity Type and/or by Product within a specific time frame.

Pro Tip: Click the user's name in this view to go to that specific user's activity log.

User Specific Activity Log

Go to any user record and navigate to the Activities tab to see a log of their activity.

Similar to the Activities log, you can use filters to narrow your search by Activity Type and/or by Product.

Activity Triggers

Trigger advanced automation in your connected apps when a specific user activity occurs. Check out our additional guides for the connectors that currently support User Activity Automation.

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