CustomerHub's Activity Automation integrates with ActiveCampaign's Event Tracking so you can kick off automation. Activity Automation can be triggered by the following CustomerHub User actions:

  • Site login

  • Video watched

  • Audio listened

  • File downloaded

  • Product page completed

  • Product access granted

  • Product access removed

  • Product Completed (all pages complete)

Important: ONLY enable the activity in the connector options if you

want to see it in the ActiveCampaign contact's activity feed.

Step 1: Connect to your ActiveCampaign app. (check out this guide)

Step 2: Enable Activity Automation by going to Settings > Connectors > Click the 3 dots menu (More Options menu) for ActiveCampaign and click Options.

Step 3: Click ENABLE and enter your Event tracking details. Enter your ActiveCampaign Event Key and actid (click the Event Tracking API link to locate this). You can now enable the events you'd like to track and run automation for. Don't forget to SAVE.

  1. ActiveCampaign Event Key

  2. Click the Event Tracking API link to find your actid

To trigger automations in ActiveCampaign, check out this guide: How to trigger ActiveCampaign Automations using activity events | CustomerHub Help Center

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