How to trigger ActiveCampaign Automations using events:

In the following examples we will demonstrate how to trigger Automations when a user logs in and watches a specific video.

Step 1: Enable the specific activity in the connector options. Click SAVE

Step 2: Create an Automation with an Event trigger

Go to Automations in ActiveCampaign and click Create an automation. Select Start from Scratch.

Select the trigger, Event is recorded. Now select the CustomerHub - Login event listed in the drop down. We recommend using Multiple Times for the Runs dropdown.

This means your automation will run every time a User logs in to CustomerHub. This is a great way to track login data and/or send a welcome email.

Each User Activity will specify the Event Name to be used in Automations. Some Activities that are triggered by a unique activity, such as watching a specific video, also require a {Simple Id} to be used in the Automation setup. This [Simple Id} can be found in the following areas:

  • Multimedia - Go to the Multimedia Library and see the {Simple Id} column

  • Products - Go to a Product's settings and find the {Simple Id} under connector data

  • Pages - Go to a Page's settings and find the {Simple Id} under the Slug field.

Pro Tip: The video and audio activity is triggered
immediately after a user clicks Play.

(There is no minimum watch or listen time required)

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