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User notifications

This article outlines the email notifications sent from CustomerHub to your users.

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User notifications can be sent both manually and automatically through CustomerHub. Each of them has a specific purpose to help your Users get access and important information about your site.

PRO TIP: If you need to send an email for marketing or promotional purposes we recommend using your email marketing software, which may be connected to CustomerHub directly for more automated communications.

Notification details

Although each CustomerHub notification differs based on its purpose, some details are consistent between them.

  • From Email Address: The email address your CustomerHub notifications come from is [your-subdomain] If you don't know what your subdomain is, you can find it in your App Settings.

  • Support Email Address - IF a User replies to your CustomerHub notifications those emails will be sent to your support email address. This can be changed in your App Settings.

  • Site Name - This is what your app is called and will be displayed as the name the email comes from. This can be changed in your App Settings

  • Email Logo - This is the Logo that will be included in the header of all your CustomerHub notifications. You can change it in the Branding Center

Notification Types & Examples

Generic new user notification

This notification will be sent when a User is first added to your CustomerHub site. It contains a link that will allow them to create a password.

NOTE: The secure password link expires after 48 hours.

For members who have already created their password, clicking the link will automatically log them into the site.

If you need to resend this invite notification, you can do so manually from the 3 dots menu next to the cancel button on their user record.

Generic new user notification (example)

Password recovery email

This email will include a secure link for the User to create a new password and can be initiated by the User from the Login page or an Admin via the User record.

User recovery process

A User can click the "forgot password" link on the login page and then enter their email address to start the password recovery process.

Admin password reset process

From the user record, click the 3 dots menu next to the "Save" and "Cancel" buttons, and select Reset Password.

From the pop-up, you can send the password reset email by clicking the SEND LINK button or manually create a temporary password for the User. When the User enters the temporary password at login they will be prompted to create a new secure password.

Password Reset Email (example)

Product access notification

This is probably the most commonly sent email from CustomerHub sites. When turned on, it is sent every time a User is provided access to a product. It can be enabled/disabled only on a product-by-product basis in the Product Settings.

This option is available for both Standard Products and Collections and is turned on by default. The Product Access email contains an auto-login link pointed at the product it was sent for.

Product Access notification (example)

New content notification [product specific]

This option can send an email broadcast to all Users who have access to a specific Standard Product or Collection. It's very useful when you have added new content and want to quickly update your Users of the update.

You can send these emails by clicking on the product, then clicking on this grey "megaphone" button at the top right:

Product Update notification (example)

Post notification

Every time you publish a new Post to your Feed you will be allowed to send a notification email to everyone who can see the post on your site.

You can edit who will receive this email notification by changing your post's Audience or clicking "No Thanks" to skip sending the email at all. Learn More

New Post notification (example)

Comment reply notification

New Reply notification (example)

Email subscription options

Users can modify their email communication preferences through email subscription options which they can access by editing their profile while logged into the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the email address notifications are sent from?

At this time you can ONLY change the support email address. When a User replies to your CustomerHub notifications those emails will be sent to your support email address. This can be changed in your App Settings.

Can I add links to emails sent with other systems that will automatically log them into the specific page I want them to go to?

No. The only way to generate auto log-in links is by sending the Product Access Notification Email, the New Content Notification Email, and New Post Notification Email. Clicking these links will automatically take them to the product or post the email pertains to.

If I have the Product Access notifications turned on for a Collection, will my customers get the same email for all of the products assigned to the collection?

Nope! The email is only sent for the products the user is given access to directly. So if you only assign the Collection to their end-user record, then they will only receive the Product Access Notification for the Collection.

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