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Increase user engagement, foster a sense of community, and add more value to your CustomerHub site with the user feed.

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The user feed is a dedicated space for sharing private social-media-like posts with your users and site visitors.

The feed can be delivered as a standalone experience using a micro membership model, or to supplement traditional online courses or membership products (delivered via the product library).

The feed is a powerful way to increase engagement with your users, foster a sense of community, and add more value to your CustomerHub website.

To add content to your feed, simply create and publish a post.

User experience

Users can interact on the feed by liking or commenting on posts, or by liking or replying to other users' comments on a post.

Site visitors (not logged in), on the other hand, can only view posts.

While there is only one feed page in the CustomerHub site (titled 'My Feed' by default), the content on the feed is tailored for each user based on their unique product permissions.

Dedicate post page

When users receive any post email notifications they are directed to a dedicated page for that post. This ensures that users view the correct post and can engage most easily and effectively with your new content.

From the dedicated post page, a user can engage directly with the post, or click 'see all posts' to be taken to the "My Feed" page which includes all posts available to them.

Adding the User Feed to your CustomerHub site

For new CustomerHub applications, the "My Feed" page is automatically visible on your site. However, for CustomerHub applications created before March 21, 2023 the "My Feed" page will be hidden by default and must be enabled.

To enable the "My Feed" page, simply go to Settings (the gear icon in the bottom left of your admin), then select "Navigation" from the menu.

From there, the Feed can be enabled by clicking on the menu dropdown for the "My Feed" navigation page, selecting 'Settings' and disabling the 'hide this link' option. The feed page can be managed the same way as any other Navigation Page on the site.

Posts & User feed video overview

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