Display targeted announcements throughout your CustomerHub site

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Announcements allow you to display a site-wide banner at the top of your CustomerHub site to welcome new users, showcase special offers, share important news, and more.

Motivate theme example

Foundation theme example

Note: the color, font, and style of the announcement bar is determined by your individual theme.

Creating an announcement

Announcements are created from Posts using the 'Feature this post?' setting.

When this setting is toggled on, a site-wide announcement will automatically display for the target audience you have specified in your post.

Announcement interactions

  • Clicking on an announcement - the main body of the announcement banner can be clicked on to go to the announcement. When clicked on, the user will be taken to a dedicated page for that post.

  • Dismissing announcements - announcements can also be dismissed by clicking on the close icon at the right of the announcement bar (x).
    โ€‹Note: announcements are permanently dismissed for logged in users, but they are only temporarily dismissed for site visitors (not logged in) and will reappear on the next page load.

  • Sticky bar - the announcement is 'sticky' and will remain at the top of the page for a time when scrolling down on the page.

Announcement limit

You can create up to three announcements at one time. When users are eligible to see more than one announcement, the announcements will 'stack' on top of one another:

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