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Classic - API Campaign Goal Triggers
Classic - API Campaign Goal Triggers

Run automation when a member logs in, updates a credit card, and more...

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Run automation for the following events:

  • Member Login

  • New Member Registration via public registration form

  • A member adds a new Credit Card

  • A member updates their existing Credit Card details

  • A member successfully pays a past due invoice

  • A member attempts to pay a past due invoice and it fails

  • A member uploads a file - learn more

Enable API triggers

To enable the API goal triggers go to Admin > Application Setting > Scroll to the bottom of the page > select the check box for ANY API trigger you would like enabled. 

Click > SAVE

Setup automation in the Keap Campaign builder

Once an API trigger is enabled in your CustomerHub you can now trigger any Campaign using the API goal

Here's an example of a goal setup. Refer to the Campaign API Goal Triggers section for each specific Call Name

Pro Tip: To record the date and time of a member's login in Infusionsoft, use a custom date and time field. See configuration below:

PLEASE NOTE: All API integration names will be: customerhub

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