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Get Started overview (in-app wizard)
Get Started overview (in-app wizard)

Get an overview of the Get Started in-app wizard in CustomerHub

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This article will take you through the Get Started in-app wizard with information about each step so you can publish your online course or membership in 30 minutes or less via the following steps:

Step 1 - Get oriented

Log in and navigate to the Dashboard menu and check out our product tours to get started in six easy steps:

Step 2 - Add a product

Products are where you create and organize all your content. To quickly get started, select one of our product templates. These templates act as the blueprint to quickly build and organize your content.

  • Go to Products from the side menu

  • Click the blue add icon button

  • Select a <product template> that fits your goal

  • Give it a name and short description. (This information is important because it will display on your users library)

Step 3 - Connect apps (optional)

Connectors are used to sync data with your existing business tools and CustomerHub.

To get started, click on the Connectors menu and then select your specific connector to start the process. In most cases its as easy as logging in and allowing access to CustomerHub.

Step 4 - Set brand

  • Configure your brand assets in the branding Center - Learn More

  • Select and configure a theme - Learn More

  • Publish and Preview - Coming Soon

  • (Optional) Add additional site navigation pages - Learn More

Step 5 - Invite users

Manually add a user

  • Click the blue ADD icon

  • Enter name and email. An invite email will send immediately inviting the user to complete account creation

  • Add user to a product

Import users from an existing membership site or CRM

By now you should have connected your other apps. (See Step 3). Find more detailed steps for the following apps.

  • Keap - Learn More

  • Active Campaign - Coming Soon

  • Other - Coming Soon

Step 6 - Add billing info

Add payment info to keep your CustomerHub app active. Choose from a monthly or annual plan and SAVE.

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