How to invite new users:

How do I add new users to CustomerHub from another system?

  1. Connect CustomerHub to Keap.
  2. Create a product
  3. Apply that new product tag to your contacts in Keap**.
  4. A secure password email will be sent to the user by CustomerHub immediately.

How do I remove a user's access to a product?

  • Remove the product from the user record OR tag from contact in ISK**

How does CH sync data changes to a user's name or email?

  • We do a bi-directional sync of any changes to a users name, email, and/or product access**.

** Syncing user data from Keap to CustomerHub takes approx. 3-5 mins. Syncing data from CustomerHub to Keap is immediate.

Sync is based on email address ONLY. If you have duplicate contacts in your CRM we sync with the first contact with a matching email.

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