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How do end users and members log into your CustomerHub site

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Where do my users log in?

You can get the URL for your members to log in within the top right of the admin dashboard. Clicking the globe icon will take you to your CustomerHub site and prompt you to log in. You can then copy the URL from the address bar in your browser.

Your CustomerHub site URL will follow this format: https://[YOURAPPNAME]

How do my users receive their login credentials?

There are a few ways for your customers to create their passwords.

The "Log in instructions" email

This email is enabled or disabled in your App Settings and is sent when an end user is first added to your CustomerHub site. Learn More

The "Product Access Notification" email

This email is sent whenever they gain access to a product. It can be turned off on a per-product basis in product settings.

The "Password Recovery" email

This email can be sent from the "forgot password" page by your end users or you can send it manually from their record in the admin. Learn More

Troubleshooting Customer Login Issues

Below is a list of the most common login issues experienced by your customers when using CustomerHub.

1. The user has the wrong URL

Some customers try to log in at instead at your unique site URL. Your unique URL will follow this format: https://[YOURAPPNAME] You can find out more about that from this helpful article: CustomerHub Login

2. The user is trying an incorrect password.

Ask them to try typing out the password in a Word doc or a note somewhere and then copy and paste it into the password field. Sometimes (especially on mobile devices) the password or the email address will automatically capitalize the first letter. This will cause an "Invalid Credentials" error.

3. The user is using an old password.

After sending the password reset email, sometimes they update the password but then use the previous password. This is more common if they are using a password manager.

4. Password Manager is not syncing

If they are using a password Manager with a browser extension, then sometimes the password manager can fail to update the extension. If they uninstall the browser extension, then reinstall it and update the passwords, then that should fix it.

5. Something is Preventing the Correct Login Credentials from Working

If the above Troubleshooting tactics don't work, then it's time to expand the list of possibilities.

Try to find the answers to the following questions using a test user:

  1. Can your test user login when they have no product access permissions?

  2. Can your test user log in with access to all the same products as the customer who is having difficulty?

  3. If your test user can not log in successfully from question 2 then test logging in with access to each of the products one at a time. Make sure you log out as the test end-user and save the test end-user in the admin between each attempt.

  4. If you are logging in but can't access a page, does it work properly with a direct link to a different page? If you change which page is at the top of your Navigation, how does that affect your test end user?

Once you have found the answers to these questions, it may help you identify why your end user can't log in. If you require more information or assistance, then please reach out to CustomerHub support via live chat or email

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