User engagement status

Automatically segment your users by engagement status (Active/Inactive)

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User Engagement Overview

Creating a membership site is hard work and requires a lot of planning, strategy, and thought. When you get a new user you want to keep them engaged so they get the value you worked so hard to develop. With the User engagement status, we have made it easy for you to automatically segment your users by engagement status (Active/Inactive).

User engagement status automation

Now that you can easily find your active or inactive customers, it's important to take action on that engagement or lack thereof.

To get started go to Connectors > click the 3 dots menu > and click Options.

NOTE: The "options" menu only shows when you've connected to one of our supported integrations. Learn More

Scroll down and enable these options in the Activity Automation section. Don't forget to click SAVE. Now you can automatically follow up with your Users based on engagement status. For example:

  • Encourage and remind Users to log in if it's been too long.

  • Reward those Users that stay engaged with special offers/rewards.

User Engagement Threshold

CustomerHub automatically sets a User's status to "Active" or "Inactive" based on their most recent login. By default, CustomerHub will mark a User inactive if they haven't logged in within the past 30 days.

Go to Settings > App Settings > User Engagement Threshold > Save to adjust this threshold.

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