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Understand Posts and the User Feed

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A Post is a type of content that can include multimedia (a video or image), a message, and links. All posts are added to the User Feed, however since posts can be both public or private, not all users will see all posts. Rather, users will see whichever posts they are eligible to see based on their product permissions.

Posts are a great way to target key user segments and drive engagement with your CustomerHub site and can be used in a variety of ways, including communicating important information or events, generating interest in paid offerings, delivering paid content (typically via a micro membership), or to complimenting paid offerings.

Creating a new post

  1. Click on the "Posts" menu on your Admin side menu.

  2. Click the blue "+" icon to create a new post.

Type out the title you want for the post and decide what audience this post is for. (These can both be changed later in the Post's "Settings" section so well go over these in more detail when we get to that point)

Once you've created your new Post, there are four areas of the post we can explore by switching between the tabs under the post's title.


This is where you decide what your Post will say, who can see it, and what will happen when someone clicks on the links.


This option lets you add either an image or a video to your post. These can be ones that have already been added to your Media Library or a brand new file uploaded from your local device. If a video is selected, you will also have the option of changing the thumbnail after the media is selected.


This field will display whatever text is entered underneath the multimedia area.

PRO TIP: Add emojis to enhance and highlight your content. β­πŸ“’πŸŽ‰

  • Window: Press Windows + "."

  • Mac OS: Press Fn + E or 🌐 + E


This is the main heading text for the post and will be included in the notification email when publishing. (if you choose to send a notification when publishing the post). The name of the post can also be used to help you find it among other posts as an admin.


This will be used in the URL for your post (/feed/slug).



Selecting an audience for your post lets you decide who will be able to see the post you've created. There's three ways to customize your audience.

  • Everyone (all users and visitors) - Anyone can view this post on your Feed. This includes anyone who is logged in and anonymous visitors to your site.

Note: Posts will be visible to people who are not logged in ONLY if you have Public Content enabled in App Settings.

  • All users - Only Users who have a login to access your content can see the post.

  • Custom - This option lets you narrow down which logged in users can see these posts based on the products they have access to OR do not have access to. Select to show this Post to end users who DO have access to any of the selected products, or only show the post to end users who DO NOT have access to any of the selected products.

PRO TIP: πŸ‘‰ Creating posts and targeting Users who do not have access to a product, is a great way to boost day one sales for a product launch!

Display Comments for this post?

This option will determine whether logged in users will be able to comment on the post.


Add a call to action for your post. It can be linked to:

  • A Product (Learn More)

  • A payment link (one that has already been added to a Product)

  • A Navigation Item (Learn More)

  • File (to download)

  • External Link (make sure to include the whole link starting with either https:// or http:// for best results)

NOTE: You can add as many links as you want but we recommend adding one for the primary call-to-action, and a second one for the secondary call-to-action (if necessary). If you feel the need to include more links, we recommend creating a separate post for this.

Feature this post?

This will create a site-wide announcement at the top of your CustomerHub website for the users who can view this post. (See Audience)

Comments and Likes

The Comments and Likes tabs allow you see all of the end users who have engaged with your post.

Comments and Likes can also be viewed on the Activities log.

Post Notifications

When setting a post into Live mode, you will have the option of sending a post notification to all eligible users as defined by the Audience, as pictured below:

If you elect to send the post notification, CustomerHub will send a notification email to all eligible users, as pictured below:

PRO TIP: πŸ‘‰ Post notifications are a great way to quickly and easily send announcements, promotions, and other important communications to your CustomerHub users.

For a list of other email notifications go here.

User Feed

Adding the User Feed to your CustomerHub site

You can add or remove your Feed from the navigation menu of your site through the navigation page. Just click the gear icon in the bottom left of your admin, then select "Navigation" from the menu.

From there, the Feed can be added in the same way as any Navigation Page or the Library.

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