CustomerHub PRODUCTS are how you create and organize all your content. We make it easy for you to quickly get started with product templates. These product templates act as the blueprint to help you quickly build and organize your content.

Products are a great way to package together your content into a typical online course, program, or "membership". But those terms can mean many different things for business owners. No matter how your define them, CustomerHub can handle however you want to package and organize your content.

Memberships & Product Bundles:

CustomerHub defines the method of selling a group of products all at once as a "Product Bundle" or "Membership". When you create a new product you'll see these 2 options available as a template. These product types have an option that allows you to add multiple individual products to a single "membership/bundle".

Just create the membership/bundle and go to settings. Here you can select existing products to be part of the membership/bundle. This allows you to give a user access to all of them with just one product tag.

NOTE: If a product is part of a "membership/bundle" AND a user has access to the bundle it will not show in the user library as a stand alone product. The user can access those products from the "membership/bundle" menu.

Product Sections:

Product library sorting

The order of the list of products your user sees in their library is based on the sort order of products on the Admin backend. Go to products and drag each product around to your desired order. This will automatically update for the user.

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