General settings:

Product Images display on the card of each product in the users library page. We recommend an image size of at least 800px wide and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Pro Tip: use this handy tool to resize images

Name and description of a product is also displayed on the card of each product in the users library page.

Product Categories:

Create product categories to make it easier for your users to find products on the library page. When a product category is applied it allows your members to filter the library page by that category. NOTE: Categories also allow you as an Admin to filter products in the products list area.

  1. Select and add categories to products.

  2. Add new and/or manage existing categories

Teaser URL:

Set this URL to redirect your users to the external sign-up or purchase page for the product. When a user is logged in to the site AND they do not have access to the product, we automatically create a “teaser” card in the user library. That teaser has a button that links to the sign-up/purchase URL. To disable a product teaser just enable the "Hide Teaser" option on that product.

Memberships and Product Bundles (ONLY):

What products do you want included in this membership/bundle? With a membership or product bundle you can group together existing products and give a user access to all added products. Simply add products and give the user access to that with one membership or product bundle.

Delivery types (Individual products ONLY):

How do you want this product delivered?

  • Immediate - all pages are immediately available when a member view this product

  • User Advanced - new pages unlock when users completes the previous page

  • Time-delayed - page unlock on a predetermined time schedule

Advanced Settings:

Set to live mode - This sets your product to be available for your users to access it via the user library.

Enable product menu - This adds a side menu on the product making it easy for our users to navigate to other pages of the product.

Enable member progress tracking - Enable this to allow your members to mark each page complete before moving onto the next page in your product.

Hide teaser - When a user does not have access to a product they can see this ”teaser” in the library and have an option to buy or learn more via the teaser URL.

Connector Data

When you connect an app to CustomerHub we will automatically create corresponding permission and display info for that permission.

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