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Motivate V2 Theme Update
Motivate V2 Theme Update

This is an outline on some of the changes that have been made to the Motivate Theme

Updated over a week ago

There are more changes than just the ones discussed in this video including:

Changes to Standard Products:

  • "Standard Product" is a new term we are using to refer to products that can not contain other products. Giving an end user access to this type of product will only affect their ability to view pages inside this product.

  • New Settings

    • Display in Library

    • Show Locked Card to users without access

Changes to Collections:

  • Collections are a new term to describe a product that can contain Standard Products. Granting and end user access to this product will also allow them to view all of the products assigned to this collection. These used to be "Membership" and "Product Bundle" templates. Learn more about Collections

  • Labels

  • Dashboard

    • Layout

    • Searchable

    • Unlock Products in Order

    • Settings

      • Show Collection Content Bar

      • Delivery Methods

      • All Access Passes

  • New Collection Specific Templates

    • All Access Pass

    • 30 day Challenge

    • 60 day Challenge

    • 90 day Challenge

Admin UI

  • Quick Rename

  • Quick Publish

  • Faster Page Templates

  • Layout "Parts"

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