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Stripe - Advanced Automations with Zapier
Stripe - Advanced Automations with Zapier

Learn how to integrate Stripe and CustomerHub

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: CustomerHub has now implemented a direct Stripe Connector! Click the button below for how to set up and use direct payment links

Zapier and Stripe

In this article we outline the steps to setup collecting payments via Stripe and connecting it with CustomerHub.

In this article:

Technical Setup

In this section we will provide the steps for setting up Stripe to collect payment and then automating the fulfillment with Zapier.

Part 1 - Zapier setup

Option 1 - Connect with any Stripe integrated eCommerce system (learn more)

This method uses any checkout system that integrates with Stripe and Zapier. Refer to our Zapier guide here.

Option 2 - Create a payment link in Stripe (learn more)

Log in to the Stripe Dashboard and go to Products and create a new product. OR open an existing product and click Create payment link (see step 5 below). NOTE: If you don't have a Stripe account go here to learn more and sign up now.

  1. Select + Add product

    CustomerHub Stripe Add new product
  2. Fill out the product details

  3. Click Add product

  4. Click Next

  5. Click Create payment link

    CustomerHub Stripe Payment Links

Now add this payment link to your website, social media posts, and more. Here's a demo of the Stripe checkout experience. Check out the Demo

Part 2 - Automate your fulfillment with Zapier

Now that you have a Stripe Payment link you need to automate the fulfillment using Zapier, which syncs data between CustomerHub and Stripe.

To get setup quickly use the Stripe + CustomerHub Zapier template. Just follow the Zapier setup wizard and you're all set! 👍 This will instantly* add new Stripe customers to CustomerHub and grant access to their digital product or course.

Here's a simple diagram of how the whole process works.

When a Successful purchase occurs in Stripe, Zapier will instantly add the customer to CustomerHub and a confirmation email will be sent by CustomerHub to the new user.

NOTE: For additional help with connecting Zapier, check out the Zapier guide.

Sell more products to existing CustomerHub Users

You may also want to offer other products to existing Users. As user's login to their library, they can see other products they may not have access to. Simply add the Payment link to a product’s teaser URL field and they can then click the “teaser” link and purchase access. Follow the setup steps below to ensure a seamless experience.

Part 1 - Create a payment link for product upsells / upgrades.

  • (Optional) You may want to create an additional product link in Stripe specially for upsells / upgrades.

  • In the payment link's confirmation page setup, add your CustomerHub library link. eg.

  • Add the Stripe payment link to teaser URL field of the product

Part 2 - Setup Zapier

  • This will automate and update the User's product access after a successful purpose.

Part 3 - After a successful purchase

  • The user can click the library link on Stripe's payment link confirmation page and be directed back to the CustomerHub User Library.

Is Zapier required for this setup?

  • Not anymore! Added our Stripe Connector to make taking payments with Stripe much easier. Zapier is only required for more advanced automations.

Does this setup cost extra? ... Yes and No



  • The Stripe integration for Zapier ONLY supports triggers that catch ALL instances of an order/payment. Which means you can't distinguish between different product purchases UNLESS you have a premium plan and use filters or paths in Zapier.

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