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User notification center

Automatically notify users about key activities occurring in your CustomerHub site

Updated over a week ago

Your CustomerHub site now includes a notification center where users can view and manage important notifications pertinent to them, including the following:

  • When they gain access to new products

  • When new posts are added to their feed

  • When other users like or reply to one of their comments

When a user is logged in to the site, a notification center icon will now appear in the main navigation of the site (along with a corresponding number to denote the number of new notifications, if applicable):

user notification center

While viewing the site from a mobile device, the notification center icon will persist in the navigation rather than move into the main mobile navigation in order to ensure that users are able to see when new notifications are present:

After clicking on the notification center icon, users are taken to the notification center where they can see all notifications:

Unread notifications are marked with a colored marker as pictured below:

Users can interact with notifications in the following ways:

  • Mark notification as read (clicking this action will remove the colored marker)

  • View notification (clicking this will take the user to the related post, product, etc)

  • Delete notification (clicking this will remove the notification)

* Important note: the notification center icon will only display in the main navigation for users that are logged in to your site.

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