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Micro Membership launch guide
Micro Membership launch guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to launch your micro membership with CustomerHub

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CustomerHub is the pioneer of the Micro Membership Model® an exciting new model that makes it possible for subject matter experts to start generating recurring revenue in 24 hours or less with $0 upfront investment.

This step-by-step guide is for existing CustomerHub customers that want to launch a micro membership program using CustomerHub's innovative new model.

Define your program

Before you begin implementing your program, it's vitally important to get clear on who (exactly) you are serving, what problem (exactly) you will be solving for your audience, and what solution will allow you to best solve the problem. Any product that does not clearly define these foundational components is very unlikely to resonate in the market.

Step 1: Audience & problem

The starting point for successfully defining your program is identifying the audience you will serve, and the problem that you solve for this audience. The more clearly and narrowly you can define the audience and the problem you solve for them the easier it will be to attract, convert, and deliver value to customers.

Consider the following example:

Ineffective example

  • Audience: Surfers

  • Problem: Surfing is hard

Effective example

  • Audience: Beginning surfers who want to become proficient recreational surfers

  • Problem: As a beginning surfer I lack the foundational skills and support I need to become a proficient recreational surfer

Notice the differences in the vagueness/specificity in the audience and problem definitions.

Using the above examples as a guide, write down your audience and the problem you solve for them. We recommend the following resources to help you with this process:

ChatGPT - if you are not sure what problems are experienced by your market, you can use ChatGPT to do very intelligent market research.

Google form - we put together a Google form to make it easy to record the information in this step. You will also get a copy of your responses emailed directly to your inbox.

Step 2: Program information

Now that you've defined your audience and problem, you're ready to define your program, including the title, description, features, and price point for your program.

Here's a brief overview and example of each of these using the beginning surfer audience and problem above:

Title: This is simply the title of your membership program. Choose a name that is easy to understand and that aligns with your target audience & problem.

Example: Surfrider Launchpad

Description: Write a short benefit-focused description (ideally no longer than 1-2 sentences) of the program.

​Example: Dive into the world of surfing with Surfrider Launchpad. Learn essential skills, build confidence, and join a passionate community of fellow surf enthusiasts on your journey to ride the waves.

Features: The 3-5 most important features of the program that will help the target user solve their problem / achieve the benefit they desire.


Master the Waves: Our expert instructors are here to guide you through the essential skills, from paddling techniques to perfecting the pop-up. We'll help you build a solid foundation for your surfing journey.​

Join a Vibrant Community: As a Surfrider Launchpad member, you'll become part of a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the ocean. Connect with fellow surf enthusiasts, share stories, and create lasting friendships.

Fun and Progress: With structured lessons and a supportive community, you'll experience the joy of progress as you catch waves, improve your skills, and embrace the thrill of surfing.

Price point: A starting price point, usually between $5-$20 per month, that makes it easy for your target audience to sign up and try your program.

Example: $9/mo

With your program now defined you're ready to move on to implementation!

Implement your program

This section will step you through everything you need to do in CustomerHub to get launched and start selling your program.

Step 1: Set up your CustomerHub site brand

In order to personalize your CustomerHub site and deliver a branded experience to your customers, you'll first need to set up your CustomerHub site brand:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Brand Center in CustomerHub (more info here)

  2. Upload your logos, colors, and fonts

  3. Click Save

Pro tip: After you have set your site brand, wait 30 seconds and then click the site preview icon in the upper right of your site to see how your CustomerHub site looks.

Step 2: Create your product

The first thing you will do is create a Product in CustomerHub using the Micro Membership product template:

  1. Navigate to Products in the main navigation in CustomerHub

  2. Click the Add product button in the upper right

  3. Select the Standard product type

  4. Choose the Micro Membership product template (pictured below)

  5. Add your Product name and description (using the program information from Section 1 above)

This product template includes all of the content and settings you will need to appropriately deliver your micro membership.

Step 3: Personalize your welcome page

Since you will be delivering your micro membership content via Posts in CustomerHub, the only content included in the Product is a welcome page, which is where your new members will land the first time they log in to the membership.

  1. Click on the Welcome page title to edit the welcome page

  2. Update the page content using the CustomerHub page editor

  3. Set the welcome page to Live mode

Please note: that while we recommend a video on the welcome page this is not required.

Once you have updated your welcome page, you're ready to move to the next step.

Pro tip: use ChatGPT to generate content for your welcome page, including a video script if applicable.

Step 4: Create your first membership post (optional)

The core experience of your micro membership program is the CustomerHub user feed. While not required, we do recommend that you create one post to begin with so there is something for new members to consume on day one.

Your posts should be focused on delivering short videos (5 minutes or less) sharing valuable tips, tricks, and strategies that help your members solve their core problem(s) and progress toward their goals. After recording a short video, follow these instructions to add your post.

  1. Navigate to Posts in the main navigation in CustomerHub

  2. Click the Add post button

  3. Add you post title and audience

  4. Set your audience to Custom > Users who have access to

  5. Select the micro membership product that you created in Step 1

Pro tip: Try using ChatGPT to help you generate ideas for your posts.

Now that you have your welcome page and first welcome post created, you're ready to connect your payment processing platform to CustomerHub and start selling your new membership program!

Step 5: Set up your purchase funnel

CustomerHub connects to payment processing solutions so you can automate the process of collecting payment and giving new members access to your membership program.

Instructions for Keap users

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connectors in CustomerHub

  2. Click the Connect button on the Keap connector

  3. Click Connect on the connector modal and sign in to your Keap application (it will take a minute or two for the connector to fully connect)

  4. Yay! CustomerHub is now connected to your Keap app (go here for more info)

  5. Create a product in Keap for your membership program (instructions here)

  6. Create a checkout form in Keap for the product you just created (instructions here)

    1. Important: Set up an automation to apply the CustomerHub product tag (look for the tag in the CustomerHub tag category in Keap) your micro membership

  7. Create a landing page in Keap

    1. On your landing page, make sure you add a button and connect it to the checkout form above (instructions here)

Instructions for Stripe users

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connectors in CustomerHub

  2. Click the Connect button on the Stripe connector

  3. Click Connect on the connector modal and sign in to your Stripe application (it will take a minute or two for the connector to fully connect - go here for more info)

  4. Log in to Stripe

  5. Create a product in Stripe for your membership program (instructions here)

  6. Go back into CustomerHub

  7. Create a Stripe payment link for your product in CustomerHub (instructions here)

  8. Copy the payment link and embed it on your sales page on your website or wherever you are selling your membership program

  9. Anytime a buyer purchases the membership through this payment link, they will be automatically added to your membership program in CustomerHub

Instructors for PayPal, Shopify, BigCommerce, or something else

CustomerHub can connect to PayPal, Shopify, BigCommerce, and 6,000+ other apps through our Zapier connector.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connectors in CustomerHub

  2. Click the Connect button on the Zapier connector

  3. Click Connect on the connector modal and sign in to your Stripe application (it will take a minute or two for the connector to fully connect)

  4. Log in to Zapier

  5. Create a zap that adds users to your CustomerHub product whenever a purchase is made in your connected app (instructions here)

Test your program

Now that you have your membership program defined and implemented, you're ready to set your program live and test your funnel.

  1. Navigate to Products in the main navigation in CustomerHub

  2. Edit your membership product and set it to Live mode (make sure your welcome page is also set to Live mode)

  3. Purchase your product via whatever process you set up in Step 4: Setting up your purchase funnel in the previous section

  4. Check the following:

    1. You are able to successfully purchase the product

    2. After your purchase you received an email notification from CustomerHub to access the membership product

    3. When clicking the link in the email above you are taken to the membership product welcome page

    4. When clicking on the Go to my feed button on the welcome page you are taken to the My Feed page and can see the first post you created

  5. If you are able to do all of the following above then your test was successful


Now that you've successfully defined, implemented, and tested your micro membership program you are ready to start selling your program and generating recurring revenue!

Remember to post tips, tricks, and strategies to your CustomerHub feed on a regular basis to help your members achieve their goals, keep them engaged, and maximize membership retention and success.

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